March 2009
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Our website Expert Baseball Tips is designed to help coaches and parents of baseball players from youth league thru high school.

Baseball Lessons for Hire: Good or Bad?
In youth league and high school baseball today hired instructors are common. It seems that anyone with any baseball experience can hire themselves out for extra income. But does a paid instructor really help a player develop? MORE....
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Baseball Myth - Players must line up their "knocking knuckles" to grip the bat. Reality- the large knuckles on the bottom hand and the knocking knuckles on the top hand line up.

The Sweet Spot...Did You Know?
Does Warming Up With a Weighted Bat In The On Deck Circle Help Bat Speed?
There have been various documented experimentations done on impvoing bat speed with weighted bats or weighted instruments added to the bat, such as a bat sleeve or donut. These studies have looked at both off season training to improve bat speed and also investigating whether bat speed is improved by using a weighted bat or weighted instrument in the on deck circle.

In a 2005 study at the Department of Kinesiology at Arizona State University, it was found that bat speed was not improved after using a weighted bat on deck, although there was a kinesthetic (psychological) feeling that bat speed improved.

In fact, it was found with younger, less skilled players, that swing patterns were altered immediately after swinging a weighted bat resulting in slower swing velocities compared to warm up with a standard bat.
(Kim and Hinrichs, ASU 2005.

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