January 16, 2010

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Our website Expert Baseball Tips is designed to help coaches and parents of baseball players from youth league thru high school.

eTip for Today
Develop a baseball practice routine that works for you then use it each day. Developing a simple routine will help in continuity and allow players to gain confidence. Divide your practices into simple 20-25 minute segments that flow smoothly. Don't try to overteach, keep it simple and fast paced. Young players start to loose interest after 20-25 minutes so keep it moving.

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How's Your Fundraising Efforts?
Are your fundraising efforts working? Think outside the fundraising box to maximize your bottom line. Learn tips to increase your efforts and stop waisting your fundraising time. For example, do you have a simple fundraising plan that works for your group? A fundraising plan will communicate to your group members the type of goal, objective, and formula used to achieve success.
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The Sweet Spot...Did You Know?

One of the pitching stats used today as a quick indicator of the pitcher's effectiveness is the WHIP. The simple calculation is:
Total Hits + BB divided by the total innings pitched.

The CAP Program
You can teach your players (child) to "Play In The Now" utilizing the same program used today by MLB and DI players. Learn more by Clicking Here and going to our baseball bookstore.

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Work At Home Moms handle a multitude of tasks for their family by being at home for their children and providing additional income. Learn more by clicking on the WHAM button above.

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