December 5, 2009

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eTip for Today Is it better to finish with one hand or two?

It depends on the hitter. Alot of Major League players finish with one hand, but it has to be natural. Some advantages to finishing with one hand include a more relaxed and longer extension which, if done properly, can increase bat speed and power. The problem I see with younger players is they let go of the bat too soon and it becomes a problem of slower bat speed and less power. Let them do what is a natural style right now. As they grow older and become a better hitter, they can adapt.

The Sweet Spot...Did You Know?
That self imagery is a great way for players to develop self confidence, focus, concentration, and overall improvement. These are techniques big league players use everyday. It is one part of the Cognitive Advantage Program that has been taught to professional and top college programs for years to improve mental toughness.

It's not about the RESULT of being tougher, but about the PROCESS taken to gain mental toughness.

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