June 11, 2010

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Baseball Ultimate Forearm Training
We recently interviewed Jedd Johnson about a new product he has on the market to help your players develop better forearm and grip strength for baseball. Forearm and grip strength can not only help accelerate bat speed or pitching velocity, but can be very helpful in the prevention of arm injuries. Jedd is a National Grip Strength Champion and a former college baseball player.

Here is part of the interview with Jedd

EBT Question 1: How long have you been into grip and forearm training and What are some of your accomplishments?

Jedd: I have been studying and pursuing grip strength since 2002, when I first started trying to tear decks of cards. From there, I began my pursuit of getting certified as a Captain of Crush through IrondMind.com. Over the years, I have entered many grip strength competitions and won several. I was the United States champion in 2005 and have finished either 2nd or 3rd every year since then. My biggest accomplishment though, was when I set the record in the Two Hand Pinch Lift in December 2009 with 256.04 lbs, after several years of missing. Hard work and consistency definitely pays off!

EBT Question 2: How did you become interested in grip training for baseball?

Jedd: I played baseball all through my childhood and even had two years at a Division II school, Mansfield University. After leaving the game due to some injuries, I became highly interested in the strength and conditioning field, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. In order to keep my certification, I have to attend seminars and other methods of continued education, and my favorite seminars to attend have always been the ones on baseball strength and conditioning, especially the ones having to do with pitching, as I was a pitcher during my career. Since I also love Grip Training, I have always thought about how the two compliment one another, and have wanted to write my manual on Forearm Training for Baseball for years.

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