Building a Weekly Blueprint for Championship Pitching Practice

This page will help as you develop a baseball pitching practice plan.
Please be mindful of working with pitchers relevant to when they pitch in a game. The best baseball pitching practice plan will allow pitchers two to three days between bullpen sessions and game appearances.

Pitching Practice Plan Examples: Work with pitchers on Monday after practice if they are throwing in a game on Wednesday or Thursday.

Work with pitchers on Tuesday if you plan to pitch them in a game on Thursday or Friday. Do not pitch in the bullpen the day after pitching in a game.

Sample Bull Pen Session (After pitchers have warmed up)

When possible have another player in a helmet stand in as a batter but not swinging.

Also, video tape when possible, especially if you are trying to correct mechanics. Visualization can help players make changes quicker. Video tape should eventually be part of every baseball ptiching practice plan.

SideBar: It takes 5-6 weeks for pitchers to get their arms in shape. The older the pitcher the longer it will take to get their arm in game shape. High School players should spend 3-4 weeks prior to the first practice long tossing and running 3-4 times each week to have their arms in shape(position players,too) Another 3-4 weeks once practice begins will have pitchers in game shape.

Weekly Baseball Pitching Practice Plan-Sample Schedule:

First Two Weeks:

  • Throw 20 fastballs from wind up rotating to the inside and outside each pitch.
  • Note: Have the catcher stay in the middle of the plate with a good low target.

    Pitchers should visualize throwing to each of the catchers shin guards. Ask the hitter to switch sides after 10 pitches.

  • Throw 20 fast balls from the stretch same as above (if the player is younger and does not play in a league where runners steal, repeat the above with only 12-15 pitchs the second round. Complete this routine twice each week at least 2-3 days apart.
  • After two weeks add the following:

  • Throw 20 change ups from both the wind up and stretch as above.
  • Throw 10 Curveballs (15 years old and HS only) as above.
  • In Week Three, one of the days should allow for pitchers to throw to live hitters in batting practices or scrimmage.

    In Season:

  • Game Day Pitching

    Run or jog lightly for about 15-20 minutes after the game.

  • Day 1 (after the game)

    Warm Up and Throw Lightly Run 20 minutes

  • Day 2

    Warm Up and Throw Run sprints/Bases

  • Day 3

    Warm Up Throw 35-40 pitch bull pen session with coach. Run or jog in the outfield **Can throw in a game if Game Day pitching was less than 35 pitches

  • Day 4

    Warm Up and Throw Run sprints or base running drills

  • Day 5 (Game Day)
  • Suggested Pitch Count

    • Age 7- 9

      65 Pitches once a week

    • Age 10-12

      80 Pitches one a week OR

      35-40 Pitches twice a week (with two days rest)

    • Age 13-14

      85 Pitches once a week OR

      40-45 Pitches twice a week (with two days rest)

    • Age 15

      90 Pitches once a week OR

      40-45 Pitches twice a week (with two days rest)

    • HS (Ages16-18)

      100 Pitches once a week OR

      45-50 Pitches twice a week (with two days rest)

      *HS Pitchers can throw 20-25 pitches on two consecutive days

    The KEY to developing a successful Pitching Practice Plan is to KNOW YOUR PITCHERS.

    Some pitchers do not recover as quickly due to mechanics, past injuries, body posture, etc.,.

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