The Ultimate Team Fundraiser

Solve Your $$ Money Problems

The Answer to Your Team or League Fundraising Needs

team fundraising made easy

What is the $$ "Ultimate Team Fundraiser"?

The Ultimate Team Fundraiser is a Formula that can apply to any fundraising event to maximize your effort and minimize your time.

What the "Ultimate Fundraiser" Will Do For You:

  • Fundraising Made Simple
  • How To Maximize Your Money Without Waisting Time
  • How To Organize Your Group For Success
  • How To Think Outside The Fundraising Box For Bigger Bucks.
  • Stop Wasting Your Time With Multiple Small Fundraisers
  • Simple Techniques That Can Turn A $500 Fundraiser into $5000, $10,000, $25,000.
  • Freedom To Devote Your Time To Things Other Than Fundraising!

    Warning: This is a 10-page eBook that contains a result-proven formula for fundraising success. This small eBook is packed with a powerful formula that we have been using for years. It has been tested over time and we have only included what works the best. Of course your results will depend on your effort and leadership, but this formula works for any organization, team, or league. It will provide solutions to solve your fundraising needs today.

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    In today’s tough economic times there are more organizations competing for a smaller available pool of resources. So how does one expect to generate funds for new projects or even keep up with already existing needs? It’s not easy, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult as we make it.

    The truth of the matter is only those with a plan to succeed during this economic time (or any time) will get remotely close to their fundraising goals. Why raise a few hundred dollars without a plan when you can raise thousands of dollars (even tens or hundreds of thousands) with the same group of people, spending the same time and effort (and do it multiple times over)? It’s all in the plan and your leadership.

    Fundraising can be “fun” it really depends on how you approach it. To accomplish your objectives one must have clearly defined goals and stay organized to maximize their group’s efforts. Most fundraising failure is from wasted time and effort due to a lack of planning and organizational effort.

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