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Hey, do you have Team Fundraising Needs? Does your league depend on outside revenue to survive? We know it takes money to outfit your league or team. Here at Expert-Baseball-Tips we have years of experience in the area of team fundraising.

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Are your fundraising efforts working? Are you seeing a decrease in your funds due to the economic times? Many view team fundraising as a necessary evil. Does your organization, team, or league depend on outside revenue? For youth leagues and high school teams funding is needed for everything. To operate organizations need revenue for buying uniforms, purchasing equipment, and paying umpires, not to mention special projects like building a new batting cage or renovating the concession stand, dugouts. It's critical for the success of the season.

In today’s tough economic times there are more organizations competing for a smaller available pool of resources. So how does one expect to generate funds for new projects or even keep up with already existing needs? It’s not easy, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult as we make it.

The truth of the matter is only those with a plan to succeed during this economic time (or any time) will get remotely close to their team fundraising goals. Why raise a few hundred dollars without a plan when you can raise thousands of dollars (even tens or hundreds of thousands) with the same group of people, spending the same time and effort (and do it multiple times over)? It’s all in the plan and your leadership.

Fundraising can be “fun” it really depends on how you approach it. To accomplish your objectives one must have clearly defined goals and stay organized to maximize their group’s efforts. Most fundraising failure is from wasted time and effort due to a lack of planning and organizational effort.

Planning and research is important. Starting early to tackle your needs is also important. What are the objectives? How will the funds be utilized, how much money is needed, how much time do you have? Also, are your objectives short range (the immediate) or long range (next year, or even the next three years).

Once you outline some of these basic concerns you are ready to find the correct fundraiser to reach your goals? It will take some time to research ideas and speak with others that have already tried the fundraiser. Picking the right fundraiser to meet your group’s needs is important. Two items that will help any group succeed year after year is to have a Fundraising Plan and a Fundraising Formula.

The fundraising plan can be utilized each year to continue generating funds. The formula is the “how to” of accomplishing the objectives.

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